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Appendix K: Additional Comments

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Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 10:24 PM
To: Wadsworth, Trey (DOT)
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Subject: YouMove Massachusetts comments: audible pedestrian signals and

Many traffic signals in Massachusetts have visible countdowns showing the number of seconds remaining in the blinking don’t walk phase.

Many of these traffic signals also have audible indications of walk vs don’t walk.

However, I’m not aware of any traffic signals where the countdowns are audible.

Providing audible countdowns would provide pedestrians with visual impairments the same information available to people with full visual abilities, and it may also increase awareness of the countdown for those who could look at the countdown but who may be looking elsewhere.

I would like to see MassDOT explore ways to provide audible as well as visual countdowns for pedestrians when traffic signals are upgraded throughout the Commonwealth, regardless of whether those traffic signals are owned and maintained by MassDOT or by municipalities or the DCR.

Joel N. Weber II
225 Summer St #3
Somerville MA 02143

James F. Oliver
126 N Carl Annon Ct. Foxborough, Ma. 02035

Reference Attachments:
Question I. RTA’s & The RIDE when the hearing was held I was speaker #14 and you can read how much I was critical of the RTA’s and that I praised the RIDE how they good they have improved since 1999.

#2 3 times
#3 0
#6 no public transportation where I live.
#11 Improve sidewalks and do not put telephone pole in the middle of new sidewalks and improve curve cuts.
#16 give the Town either buses or trains.
#18 I do a lot of volunteer work for the MBTA

Task Force Member of the Southeastern

Mass Railroad Project and past Chairman of the AACT Committee to the “T” continue to accumulate in the hands of fewer and fewer people at the top end of our society. believe those folks out in Dewey Square are making a fair point and we do need to seek Federal funds.

One final thing, and this will get the Commission very angry because you need to reduce costs. It’s totally immoral that folks that drive around packages for UPS and FedEx are getting paid more than RIDE drivers. We need to take a close look at that and close look at ourselves, morally. Thank you very much.

Catherine Mick: Thank you Mr. Hache and thank you for the materials that your organization has already sent to the Commission members. Those items are already under review. Speaker No.13 ...

Speaker No.13: Thank you. Good afternoon. My name is Judy Young, and I have a couple of points. I would really like to recommend checking the seats that are broken on some of the RIDE vehicles, especially the RIDE vans. I have been taking The RIDE for three or four years. I have multiple physical disabilities, so there are slippages of neck and spine with osteoarthritis and I recommend that people consider whether we could have head support on the seats on those vehicles. I was in a RIDE accident at the end of December of 2009. It wasn’t The RIDE driver’s fault. We got rear-ended. The RIDE driver was fine because he had a little head support. I shouldn’t have had a forward or backward movement. Due to such movement, I had to go to the hospital. My jaw now slips out. In addition I have upper spine (C2) impinging on the nerve frequently. The RIDE insurance company knew that it was connected. It’s still a big problem in terms of the at-fault driver whose radiator was broken. But I would just recommend that there are things that you can do, it wasn’t the driver’s fault, but if there Is a way that broken pieces could be fixed, or there could be a head support, it’s a real problem if there is an accident because what they are saying is that you had a problem in the beginning, which is true, but anybody who is on The RIDE would have had a previous disability and if there is some kind of accident, will have problems justifying or differentiating that.

The other thing that I am concerned about is the in-person assessment. My arthritis comes and goes. There are things that may not show. There may be emergency situations where I really can’t walk on the ground for long distances on one day, which may be different from another day. I hope that some of things that aren’t visible can be anticipated and factored in.

Thank you.

Catherine Mlck: Thank you Ms. Young. Speaker No.14.

Speaker No.14: Excuse me for not getting up. I have difficulty getting up. My name is Jim Oliver. 1 am from Foxborough. I have two subjects that I want to touch on. The first one Is The RIDE. I have been very active in The RIDE for probably 25 years in one way or another and I have seen great improvement in The RIDE,except yesterday, when I made a reservation for today I was told that J have to have a van instead of a sedan I have a severe spine problem, and I did everything possible to get a sedan and I was successful. Thanks to my vendor who will probably be upset when they find out. The next item is the RTAs. Can the RTAs get together and have a meeting to make it possible to transfer form one RTA to another RTA without waiting for hours. I mean, hours if at all you get it.

Did I hear Mr. Gay’s name as being here? When I call-or I don’t care who knows It, medical transportation to a doctor or a hospital, I walt 15 or 20 minutes for somebody to answer the phone and that’s unbelievable. The medical transportation manager and I do not get along because of that long walt, but I don’t care. I will keep calling back and calling back and calling back. I have even tried to get Mr.Gay, and he doesn’t respond to my calls. I bet he does tomorrow.

And Mr. Davis, when they handed me the number and said you have two minutes, when I was very active in the Access Advisory Committee, and Mr. Davis was up at the Board of Directors meeting of the MBTA, he knew that they couldn’t shut me up in two minutes, no matter how hard they tried. I want to thank you for letting me speak, and I do hope the RTAs get together. Oh, and one last thing: GATRA has ridiculous office hours. The first pick-up is at 8:00 in the morning. You have to be home by 3:00 because their vans are out of the Norfolk office and have to be off the road by 4:00. And maybe the RTAs and the MBTA can together and get their hours together. Thank you very much.

Catherine Mick: Thank you Mr. Oliver. Glad that you were able to make it here today.

Jim Flanagan: We really are. Catherine Mick: Speaker No.15.

Speaker No.15: Good afternoon Commission members. I am Barbara. I am a member of ACT, and I don’t know how many seniors in here take the MBTA, the buses. I know at the last meeting it was suggested that those of us who had access to the fixed-route were unable to continue on The RIDE, we had to take the bus. Riding the bus for senior citizens is brutal. I don’t know if anyone in here has experience, but I am deathly afraid of bus drivers that are not senior friendly. You get on the bus.

They don’t have enough consideration to wait until you are seated before they begin to lurch into this demon-driven way of starting up that bus. I apologize if I called anybody demon, but that was just a figure of speech when I am on that bus. It was suggested at that last meeting, also, that you ask the drivers to level the platform. Well, unlike The RIDE,the platform on the MBTA does not go all the way to the street. I have osteoarthritis in both knees. It’s a struggle to get off of that bus frantically clutching on the side of the bus, hoping that I don’t fall in order to safely remove myself from the bus. The other thing is, if you have packages, tell me, how do you alight from a bus when you have packages in your hand? Do you throw them out in the street first and then get off the bus? You know, I wonder about that.

And then if you are unsteady and please, you might have to knock somebody over just to get a hanging strap so that you don’t fall because that’s another issue and lastly, if you are a senior citizen – if you are any person and you fall, God forbid, on the bus and you break your hip, that is a death knell to a senior citizen. Are you ready to take on the hospitalization of that senior citizen or are you ready to pay for the final expenses? Because this is really truly an issue. So some of us really do need The RIDE. I am a recent widow. My husband died last year. He and I were both PCAs to each other. I am

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