Congressional Medal of Honor Plates


Congressional Medal of Honor plates are issued to veterans who have received a Congressional Medal of Honor.

Congressional Medal of Honor recipients are eligible for one (1) set of plates for each Congressional Medal of Honor received.

Congressional Medal of Honor Plate

Procedure to Obtain Congressional Medal of Honor Plates:

An Application for Veteran's Plates must be completed. Along with this completed application, you must submit a photocopy of one of the following documents to the Special Plates Department of the RMV:

  • Honorable Discharge, DD-214, Release from Active Duty paperwork
Mail the completed Application for Veterans' Plates and verification listed above to:
Registry of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Special Plates
PO Box 55895
Boston, MA 02205-5895

Once eligibility is verified, customers will receive their veteran license plates and registration via U.S. Mail.


There is no fee for the issuance or the renewal of the Congressional Medal of Honor plates.

Renewal Cycle:

These plates must be renewed every year.

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