Limited Use Vehicles

Limited Use Vehicle Plate Limited Use Vehicle Plate Limited Use Vehicle Plate Limited Use Vehicle Plate Limited Use Vehicle Plate

Effective July 31, 2009, the Massachusetts RMV will begin issuing Limited Use registrations for qualifying vehicles.

Figure 1: Piaggio Fly 50  -  Max. Speed = 39 mph Figure 1: Piaggio Fly 50 Max. Speed = 39 mph

Figure 2: Interceptor III Parking Patrol  -  Max. Speed = 40 mph Figure 2: Interceptor III Parking Patrol Max. Speed = 40 mph
Limited Use Vehicle (LUV)
A "limited use vehicle" is any motor vehicle that . . .
  • has 2 or more wheels
  • has a certificate of origin
  • has a 17 character VIN
  • has been certified by the manufacturer to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) for that particular class of vehicle (e.g. passenger, motorcycle, truck, etc.), and
  • whose speed on a paved level surface can exceed 30 miles per hour but is not capable of exceeding 40 miles per hour.

Note: In most instances the maximum speed of the vehicle will not be on the Certificate of Origin. It will be up to the dealer, insurance agent, and the customer to ensure the vehicle is properly registered.

How to Register a Limited Use Vehicle
  1. An Application for Registration & Title (RMV-1 Form) must be completed and signed by the owner(s). If the vehicle is purchased from a Massachusetts licensed dealer, the dealer will complete the RMV-1.
  2. The completed RMV-1 must be accompanied by one of the following documents:
    • A manufacturers Certificate of Origin (new vehicles only), or
    • The previous owner's Certificate of Title, Dealer Re-Assignment form if applicable, or
    • The previous registration and bill of sale for vehicles that are exempt.
  3. Bring the completed RMV-1 form, the required documents, along with the required Registry fees and sales tax (if applicable) to the nearest RMV branch.
Types of Registrations Available

These include Passenger, Commercial, Livery, Motorcycles, and Taxis:

Registration Fee: Depends on plate type (e.g. PAS is $50)
Sales Tax: 6.25%
Special Plate Fee: Will not be charged
Renewal Fee: Based on plate type renewal fee (e.g. PAS is $50, MCS is $25)

Note: A vehicle that previously could not be registered as a motorcycle under state law because its operator and a passenger rode within an "enclosed cab," but is certified by its manufacturer as a motorcycle with NHTSA, can be registered as a limited use motorcycle or a regular motorcycle depending on the speed. An example of this would be the Zap Xebra.

Figure 3:  Zap Xebra  -  Max. Speed = 39 mph

Note: If the two or three-wheeled vehicle has a maximum speed greater than 30 mph and has not been certified by its manufacturer as a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle with NHTSA, it cannot be registered as a "Moped" or a Limited Use vehicle and cannot be legally operated on the roads of the Commonwealth.

Licensing Requirements

An appropriate class learner's permit or license is required to operate a limited use vehicle.

Operating a Limited Use Vehicle
  • To be operated on a public way, LUVs must be registered, titled, insured, and inspected. If an electrical motor or batteries solely power the vehicle, no emissions test is required. If, however, the LUV is liquid-fueled, the emissions test is required.
  • Limited use vehicles are prohibited from "limited access" and "express state highways," and any portion of other roads where the speed limit exceeds 40 mph.

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