PLATES: Dealer, Repair & Transporter

Dealer Plates:

A "Dealer" is defined as any person who is engaged principally and substantially in the business of buying, selling, or exchanging motor vehicles, trailers, or motor vehicle bodies and maintains a facility dedicated to carrying out said business and except for a person who exchanges such vehicles on a wholesale basis, is open to the public.

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Repair Plates:

 Repairman, any person who is principally and substantially engaged in the business of repairing, altering, reconditioning, equipping or towing motor vehicles or trailers for the public and who maintains an established place of business, as defined in this section.

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Transporter Plates:

Transporter, any person principally and substantially engaged in the business of transporting or delivering motor vehicles under their own power not owned by him and who possesses a valid license for said business issued by the Department of Public Utilities, or any person or agent thereof, licensed to engage in the business of financing the purchase of or insuring motor vehicles who is required to take into possession such motor vehicles by foreclosure or subrogation of title.

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