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The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Office of Transportation Planning is responsible for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Planning.  As part of that responsibility, the Office of Transportation Planning (Planning) developed and maintains the Regional ITS Architectures.

Update of the Massachusetts Regional ITS Architectures

Intelligent Transportation Systems encompass a broad range of advanced technologies in the field of transportation.  ITS improves transportation safety, enhances productivity, and increases personal mobility through the integrated application of theses technologies.  To fully maximize the potential of ITS technologies, ITS deployment requires an approach to planning, implementation, and operations that emphasizes collaboration between relevant entities and compatibility/interoperability of individual systems.  At the core of this process is an architecture that provides overall guidance to ensure coordination and integration of individual ITS deployment projects, without limiting stakeholder design options

The original Massachusetts Regional ITS Architectures were completed in April 2005. These architectures established a framework for interagency coordination for four separate regions:  Metropolitan Boston; Southeastern Massachusetts; Central Massachusetts; and Western Massachusetts. A comprehensive update of the four regional architectures was recently completed. 

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