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These maps depict roadways color-coded according to their jurisdiction. The jurisdiction of a roadway refers to the agency that owns it and has responsibility for its repair and maintenance. The source for the jurisdiction data is the Road Inventory file that contains the following 18 jurisdictional categories:
  1. Massachusetts Department of Transportation
  2. City or Town accepted road
  3. Department of Conservation and Recreation
  4. Massachusetts Port Authority
  5. State Park or Forest
  6. State Institutional
  7. Federal Park or Forest
  8. County Institutional
  9. Unaccepted by city or town
  10. State college or university
  11. US Air Force
  12. US Army Corps of Engineers
  13. Federal Institutional
  14. Other Federal
  15. Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs
  16. Private
  17. US Army
  18. US Navy

Other Features Included

  • MassDOT Highway District boundaries
  • Municipal boundaries
  • Ponds and streams

Image of statewide Jurisdiction map

Geographic Areas Available (PDF Downloads)

  • Statewide (3.8 MB) 
  • MassDOT Highway District One (1.8 MB), Two (2.6 MB), Three (3.1 MB), Four (2.8 MB), Five (2.5 MB), Six (2.9 MB) 
  • Town - Available by request

Data Source

  • Road Inventory Year-end File - 2013



For a more detailed view of the road network, try our Road Inventory Interactive Map.


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