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Federal-Aid Program

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These maps depict roadways that are eligible for Federal Funding, under both the National Highway System (NHS) and Surface Transportation Program. The Surface Transportation Program includes all urban arterials, urban collectors, rural arterials, and rural major collectors that are not on the NHS. Rural minor collectors are eligible for limited STP funding under the SAFETEA-LU Program.

Other Features Included

  • Railroads
  • MassDOT Highway District boundaries
  • Municipal boundaries
  • Ponds and streams
Image of statewide Federal-Aid map

Geographic Areas Available (PDF Downloads)

  • Statewide (4.8 MB)
  • MassDOT Highway District One (1.5 MB), Two (2.3 MB), Three (3.3 MB), Four (3.6 MB), Five (4.1 MB), Six (2.6 MB)
  • Town - Available by request

Data Source

  • Road Inventory Year-end File - 2013



For a more detailed view of our road network, try our Road Inventory Interactive Map.

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