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The Office of Transportation Planning's GIS Services group maintains many transportation related GIS layers, for use in transportation planning. Layers include road, rail, sea, and air transportation modes maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. In addition, transportation agency jurisdictional boundaries are available.

All of the GIS layers are stored in NAD 1983 Massachusetts Mainland State Plane Coordinates - Meters. All downloadable files are available in ESRI geodatabase format to preserve the full names for each attribute. Shapefiles can be provided upon request. The boundary layer geodatabases contain both the polygon and arc versions for your convenience.

MassDOT Inventory Files

The following inventory layers represent linear assets maintained by MassDOT, other state agencies or municipalities.

MassDOT Boundaries

The following MassDOT Highway District and Sub-District layers are polygon and arc layers representing the partitioning of the state into regional coverage areas for better asset management.

MassDOT Highway Infrastructure or Assets

The following layers are point layers representing assets maintained by MassDOT, other state agencies or private companies in the case of park and ride lots.

Transportation Agency Jurisdictional Boundaries

The following boundary layers represent the areas covered by each regional transportation agency. Note: The Metropolitan Planning Organization boundary layer can also be used to represent the Regional Planning Agency boundaries.

Rail Infrastructure or Assets

The following layers represent assets along rail lines across Massachusetts. These facilities are maintained by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Amtrak, or private freight rail companies such as CSX. The majority of this data is maintained by the Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS) and hosted on the MassGIS website.

Water Infrastructure or Assets

The following point and arc layers represent the passenger and freight water network.

Miscellaneous Transportation related Layers

Any other data layers that are used by MassDOT can be found at the MassGIS website.

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