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Image of the Zakim Bridge overlayed with the Massachusetts outlineThe GIS Services group of the Office of Transportation Planning (Planning) prepares maps and data for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), maintains the Massachusetts transportation geographic information system (GIS) layers, and provides the data used to prepare the Highway Performance Monitoring System, which must be submitted each year to the Federal Highway Administration.
Planning creates and maintains the statewide road inventory database, used by MassDOT, other state agencies, Massachusetts Regional Planning Agencies, and Massachusetts cities and towns. This database is also used for reporting annual roadway statistics to the Federal Highway Administration for funding of non-central artery statewide projects and for determining the Chapter 90 money allocation based on road mileage. This information is provided for general use in an annually published year-end report.

The GIS Services group maintains the accuracy of the road inventory database by continually updating the spatial linework representing the statewide roadway network and associated data.
In addition to the Road Inventory, Planning maintains many transportation GIS layers and develops other interactive maps to view the data. These layers include highway and rail assets, airports, regional transportation agency boundaries, and passenger and freight water facilities.

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