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North South Rail Link

Past Events

MassDOT – North South Rail Link Public Meeting

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Atlantic Wharf, Fort Point Room

Event Materials:

NSRL Peer Group/Working Group Meeting

NSRL Peer Group/Working Group Meeting
October 19, 2017
MassDOT, as part of the North South Rail Link Reassessment Study and process, convened a Peer Group to consider the work-to-date at the 10-week point of the study.
The purpose of October 19 Peer Group session focused on reviewing the study to date, providing guidance and identifying best practices from other cities.

NSRL Context Review Technical Memorandum

The context review identifies the major changes in the North South Rail Link’s (NSRL) context since the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) was completed in 2003. It examines changes in engineering, technology, development, demographics and ridership that could have an effect on the NSRL’s feasibility, and lays out Design Criteria, Study Objectives and Guiding Principles to shape the development of new alternatives and service plans for the NSRL.

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