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Kendall Square Mobility

The Task Force includes representatives from the City of Cambridge, local institutions, private organizations, and other key stakeholders.

Joe Barr, City of Cambridge - Traffic, Parking and Transportation Dept.
Chris Barr, Biogen Idec
Kelley Brown, MIT - Office of Campus Planning
Brian Dacey, Kendall Square Association
Robert Dorer, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Melissa Dullea, MBTA
Tom Evans, Cambridge Redevelopment Authority
Jim Gascoigne, Charles River TMA
Scott Hamwey, MassDOT
Peter Crawley, East Cambridge Planning Team
Ben Lavery, Boston Properties.
Patrick Magee, East Cambridge Business Association.
Michael Owu, MIT Investment Management Company
Susanne Rasmussen, City of Cambridge - Community Development Dept.
Jeffrey Rosenblum
John Sanzone, Friends of the Grand Junction Path

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