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    This study will evaluate the potential for MBTA Commuter Rail service along the Grand Junction Railroad. The Grand Junction Railroad provides the only direct connection between Boston's North and South Stations, via Somerville, Cambridge, and the Beacon Park Yards (Brighton). As a result of MassDOT’s purchase of many CSX rail lines, and of the Grand Junction acquisition specifically, a proposal was developed to route some additional MBTA Framingham/Worcester Line trains via the Grand Junction to North Station – thereby allowing for new connections and destinations while also avoiding congestion at South Station. The Grand Junction Commuter Rail Feasibility Study is being conducted in order to evaluate the feasibility, benefits, and impacts of this proposal.

    Potential future service plans are being developed in order to test the ridership effects of changes in frequency, travel speed (though Cambridge and Somerville), and the potential construction of a station near Kendall Square in Cambridge for a 2035 planning horizon. Traffic and safety impacts at the six vehicular grade crossings and two pedestrian grade crossings along the branch are also being evaluated. The study will compare these impacts and ridership to a future ‘no-build’ scenario in which all trains on the Worcester Line terminate at South Station, as they do currently. Based on the findings of this analysis, MassDOT will assess the suitability of pursuing this service on the Grand Junction.

    The first public meeting on the study was held June 16, 2011, in Cambridgeport. A second public meeting was held on December 8, 2011 in East Cambridge, presenting the results of the ridership and traffic portions of the study. below (or will be posted below shortly), including the presentation and meeting minutes. In addition, during the coming weeks, data and results from the analysis will be posted below.  

For additional information, please contact:

Matthew Ciborowski, Project Manager
(857) 368-9800


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