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For Immediate Release: 01/28/2016

MassDOT Press Office: 857-368-8500

MassDOT Announces Intersection Improvements along Route 2A/110 in Littleton and Ayer

MassDOT, working closely with Littletown and Ayer Town Officials, is working to address safety concerns with the intersection of Route 2A/110 with Willow Road and Bruce Street with a two-step process.


“Working together with the towns of Littleton and Ayer, MassDOT can move forward to make improvements needed along the Intersection of Route 2A/11 with Willow Road in Bruce Street,” said MassDOT Highway Administrator Thomas J. Tinlin. “MassDOT is committed to keeping safety our top priority and the interim improvements being made will help to address safety concerns.”


MassDOT will install a temporary traffic signal along existing roadway alignments to more safely control traffic movements through the intersection.  The design will be completed by MassDOT and the work will be accomplished using existing construction contracts to expedite the work.  We expect these interim improvements to be completed in the Summer of this year for an estimated cost between $300,000 and $400,000.


“I’m pleased to see the intersection improvement project moving forward and I applaud MassDOT for taking the concerns of residents into consideration in this process,” said Senator Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton). “These investments in safety will support local economic growth, reduce traffic congestion and improve the general quality of life for everyone in the region.”


MassDOT will also develop a larger scale project to reconstruct the intersection.  The project will provide geometric improvements to the alignments of Willow Road and Bruce Street, add turning lanes where required, and provide a permanent traffic signal.  The project will also widen shoulders, provide sidewalk, and correct any other identified safety deficiencies.  While the larger project does not currently have identified construction funding, MassDOT has initiated the project and is engaging a consultant engineering firm to begin design.  The project will go through our normal project development and funding identification process with a goal to advertise for construction in the 2020-2021 timeframe.


“I am encouraged by the improvements MassDOT has proposed for the intersection, and how quickly they have pledged to install them,” said State Representative Jennifer Benson, who represents the town of Ayer. “While we wait for the long-term solution to be designed and constructed, having a traffic light system there will make the intersection much safer in the interim.”


“I am very impressed with the quick response of Mass Highway to address the concerns we have for this very dangerous intersection.  They have pledged to take the steps to stabilize the situation, this summer while planning for a long term solution.   We were able to take the valuable information provided by the town of Littleton to make our case and I am optimistic that we can increase safety at this intersection,” said State Representative James Arciero who represents the Littleton in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. 


As both the short and long term projects move forward, MassDOT will continue outreach to both communities to solicit public input for the design.






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