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The MassDOT Highway Division conducts an annual traffic data collection program. The program involves the systematic collection of traffic data utilizing automatic traffic recorders located on various roadways throughout the state.

The data collected in this work program provides traffic data for the Department's pavement, highway and bridge design efforts. This includes pavement rehabilitation, construction, maintenance, construction staging and traffic management. Data gathered in support of the Department's program varies from single road tube automatic traffic recorder counts to intersection turning movements for traffic signal design and vehicle type classification for pavement design and environmental analyses (air quality and noise levels).

Here are some basic instructions to help navigate the web site:

On the left side (near middle of the screen scroll bar) of the dashboard click on "auto-locate OFF" to "auto-locate ON".

There are two ways to find traffic count locations.

  • On the left side of the dashboard on the "Quick Search" tab you may enter the "Community", "Located On" or "Location ID" that you are looking for and click on search to generate those records.
  • On the top right hand side of the map click on the "Tools" box and check the "TCDS Locations" and then click in the drop down menu to choose "Continuous" to only show the continuous counting stations. The map should now show blue boxes with a "C" indicating the continuous count stations or choose "All" to show all traffic count locations.

Zoom into the area that you are looking for on the map and place the cursor over the plotted blue marker and left click on it to open the details box. Click on "View Detail" to change the left side of the screen to show all the records of that count location.

For reports click on the "Eyeball" icon to left of the study dates located in the lower left of the left side Dashboard Panel under the blue "Volume Count" title bar. This will generate a variety of reports and can be viewed and downloaded in Excel for calculations.

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