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The Tobin Memorial Bridge was erected in 1948-49 and opened to traffic in 1950. It connects the Charlestown section of Boston with Chelsea. The bridge provides three travel lanes northbound on its lower level and three lanes southbound on the upper level. The 36-foot-wide roadway is bounded on both sides by safety walks (2'7" wide) with steel-pipe railings on each side. A maintenance garage, located in Chelsea, houses all maintenance, operating, and mechanical equipment for upkeep of the bridge. Including north and south approaches, the bridge is approximately 2 1/4 miles long.

All Electronic Tolling is in use on the Tobin Bridge. All Electronic Tolling (AET) is a form of toll collection that allows drivers to pay their toll without stopping or slowing down. AET is safer, quicker, and more convenient for our customers.

The main structure over the Mystic River is a three-span, cantilevered truss 1,525' in length. Its center span is 800' and the maximum truss height is 115'. It provides a navigable waterway opening 700' wide by 135' high. A smaller, simply supported warren truss spans the Little Mystic. It reaches a maximum truss height of 65' and is 439' long. Its navigable waterway opening measures 340' wide by 100' high.The approaches comprise 36 spans on the north and 32 spans on the south. These spans are built-up plate girders of variable lengths (average length is 100'). On the twelve-span toll plaza--set between the Little and Big Mystic trusses--the roadway widens to102 feet to accommodate seven collection lanes.The toll plaza sits on the upper level and incorporates such features as a walkway across its top (for electrical maintenance), new heated and air-conditioned booths, an overhead electronic message board and a fire-suppression system.

The Tobin Bridge Repair Project began over the 2017-2018 winter and is expected to continue through 2020. View the Project Overview for more detailed information on the project.

Tobin by the Numbers:

J.E. Greiner Co.

April 12, 1948

February 27, 1950


2 1/4 miles

Road width
36 feet

Roadway vertical clearance
15 feet

Highest point
254' above sea level

Deepest pier
85' below sea level

Mystic river span
Length: 800'
Clearance above high water mean: 135'

Little Mystic span
Length: 439'
Clearance above high water mean: 100'

Upper level
One-way into Boston (southbound)

Lower level
One-way out of Boston (northbound)

Vehicle restrictions
Height: 15'
Width: 10'
Weight: 12 tons per axle
Length (single trailer unit): 45'
Length (with trailer): 85'

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