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Rte 9 Corridor Improvement Project

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Rte 9 Corridor Improvement

About the Project

Route 9 functions as the main roadway between Northampton, Hadley, and Amherst. The transportation network around it bears the full burden of regional mobility in the area, and will play a large role in shaping the future growth of the communities it runs through.

The Hadley Route 9 Corridor Improvements Project includes full reconstruction of about 2¼ miles of this key roadway, from Middle Street (Rt. 47) to North/South Maple Street. It also includes a study of transit needs and alternatives for the PVTA’s B43 bus route. By simultaneously working on the roadway and transit improvements, we aim to address traffic congestion, regional mobility, accessibility, safety, and accommodations for pedestrians, bicycles, and transit – better than we could by doing either alone.

View our Detailed Description page for a deeper explanation of the project Background, Current Conditions and Improvement Needs.

View our Meetings and Documents page for meeting minutes and presentations.

Project Status & Schedule

We realized early in the project development that the regional mobility and multimodal needs of the corridor could not be met only by rebuilding the roadway. In addition to redesigning Rt. 9 from Middle to Maple, MassDOT is conducting a Transit Mobility Planning and Alternatives Study for the PVTA’s B43 bus route. This study is being finalized now, and includes a related (but separate) project to implement integrated Transit Signal Priority (TSP) along the length of the route, in the immediate term. The TSP implementation project is currently proposed for funding in the Pioneer Valley MPO’s 2018 Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).

Working with the public, towns, and stakeholders, the team has arrived at a preferred alternative for this section of Route 9, including 3 vehicle lanes, a shared-use path, and sidewalks along the length of the project. To date, we have been working to survey the road and to study alternatives for the road’s design; including basic features like the number of vehicle lanes, how to serve people biking and walking, and how to properly integrate the updated/improved B43 bus route. The resulting plan adds a center left-turn vehicle lane, as well as a shared-use path, bus stops, and sidewalks along the length of the project.

We expect to have 25% design plans prepared for the summer of 2017; funding for the corridor reconstruction is proposed in the 2020 Pioneer Valley TIP.

Getting Involved

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact:

Michael Trepanier - MassDOT- Project Manager
(857) 368-9400 -

Mark Kotowski - MassDOT- Deputy Project Manager
(857) 368-9400 -

Jeff Dietrich - Howard Stein Hudson - Public Involvement Specialist
(617) 348-3320 -

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