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Project Overview I-95 Add-A-Lane

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Project Area

The work on I-95 begins approximately 1,000 feet north of the Needham Branch RR Bridge in Needham and continues to 5,000 feet north of Route 9 in Wellesley, approximately 3.8 miles.

Project Overview

This project is the sixth and final contract to provide an additional travel lane and shoulder toward the median on I-95 from approximately Route 24 in Randolph to Route 9 in Wellesley. This widening includes restoring the breakdown lanes for their intended use. This sixth contract is a 3.8-mile segment of I-95 from just north of the Needham Branch railroad bridge in Needham to about 5,000 feet north of Route 9 in Wellesley.

The graphic displayed below represents the project limits of work and the Route 128 Add-a-Lane Bridge V project upon completion. Conditions in the field will not match this image in its entirety until the job is completed in 2019.

locus map explained in text

Work under this project includes:

  • Additional travel lane and shoulder to I-95 northbound and southbound toward the median along the entire length of the project.
  • A new interchange at Kendrick Street and two collector-distributor roads connecting Kendrick Street and Highland Avenue.
  • Seven new noise barriers.
  • Upgrades to the interchanges at Highland Avenue and Route 9 to improve safety and mobility to reduce traffic diversions to local roads.
  • Two additional auxiliary lanes between Highland Avenue and Route 9.
  • Four new bridges: Kendrick Street over I-95, a new flyover ramp at the Kendrick Street interchange, Highland Avenue over Route 128, and I-95 over Route 9.
  • Widening of the bridge carrying I-95 over Central Avenue.

Ramp Configuration

locus map explained in text

The 128 Add-A-Lane Project includes the implementation of a new interchange configuration at Kendrick Street and upgrades to the interchanges at Highland Avenue and Route 9 to improve safety and mobility. The accompanying graphic provides a key for identifying the various ramp designations associated with the project’s completed configuration. These ramp designations are used to describe specific locations where work is being conducted by the project team. Descriptions at the bottom of the image provide information on each ramp’s origin and destination.

View or Download the Interchange Configuration pictured at left.

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