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Morton Street Bridge Replacement Project

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About This Project

Morton Street Bridge Reopens

The original structurally deficient bridge carrying Morton Street over the MBTA commuter rail tracks closed on Friday, August 8 for final demolition and installation of the new bridge. The new bridge opened to traffic just nine days later, at approximately 3:00am on Sunday, August 17.

Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) Methods

morton street aerial view

"ABC" methods are means of rapidly constructing bridges by building major bridge components apart from their final location and installing them quickly using heavy lifting equipment such as cranes, gantry systems or self-propelled motorized transporters. ABC techniques minimize construction-related impacts (such as traffic congestion) by moving as much of the work out of the roadway as possible. Conventional staged construction methods would have resulted in a three and a half-year-long project with ongoing traffic disruptions.

MassDOT recently replaced the River Street Bridge crossing over the MBTA and CSX railroad tracks in Hyde Park in April 2012. During the work, heavy-lifting machines called Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) lifted the new superstructure from its supports, moved it down to the railroad tracks, and lowered it into position. To learn more, watch this time lapse video.

Sequence of Work

  • In a cooperative effort with the City of Boston, the abandoned police building has been demolished. The proposed pest control methods were a success. Removing the building has created a work area for construction of the replacement bridge.
  • Beginning the week of December 2, 2013, a temporary lane shift was implemented to give the contractor room to construct the new utility bridge so that the bridge demolition and construction can occur without interrupting utility service. All four lanes will remain open, except for short term lane closures at night and other off-peak hours. The lane shift will impact some of the existing on-street parking. MassDOT worked with the Boston Transportation Department to provide several 15 minute parking spots for local businesses on nearby Hannon Street.
  • During the utility work, starting Monday December 23rd and continuing through the bridge move in August, the middle portion of the sidewalk, on the Commuter Rail side of the bridge, will be closed. Access to the station will be maintained from both ends of the bridge but pedestrians will need to follow the posted pedestrian detour.
  • Once the new bridge section is complete, MassDOT's contractor will demolish the existing bridge and move the new one into place.
  • MassDOT will close the Morton Street Bridge for the final demolition and installation of the new bridge. The bridge will close for the move at 10:00 PM on Friday August 8, 2014 and will reopen at or before 5:00 AM Monday August 18, 2014. A fully accessible pedestrian crossing will be in place while the bridge is closed. There will be vigorous public outreach in the months before the closure to ensure public awareness of the project and bridge closure. To learn more about the bridge move, please see the FAQ.
  • The police station site will be planted with grass and returned to the City.

Project Updates

MassDOT is committed to public outreach throughout the duration of construction. An issues tracking system will be employed to ensure that problems and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

For more information, please contact John Romano at (857)368-8905 or

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