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I-290/Belmont Street Bridge Traffic Management

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Beginning on Thursday, March 23rd, 2017, the project team for the Belmont Street Rehabilitation project will open the westbound (towards Lincoln Square) left turn lane on the bridge allowing motorists to again access I-290. Two lanes eastbound (towards Shrewsbury) and two lanes westbound (towards Lincoln Square) will also be available to motorists.

Opening of the rehabilitated bridge to its full capacity marks the achievement of one of this project’s major goals. Prior to rehabilitation, left turning vehicles to I-290 would frequently block one of the two westbound lanes on the bridge and contribute to congestion at this location.

Still ahead for the job between now and its projected finish in June of this year are operations to complete new curb, sidewalks, pedestrian signals, and crosswalk ramps as well as finish paving of Belmont Street and I-290 within the project’s limits of work.

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