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Project Overview

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Comm Ave Replacement

MassDOT's Commonwealth Avenue Bridge Replacement Project will replace the existing superstructure (the concrete deck and steel beams) that carries Commonwealth Avenue and the MBTA Green Line B branch over I-90 (Massachusetts Turnpike) and the MBTA Commuter Rail line.

The Commonwealth Avenue Bridge consists of three independent, longitudinal sections:

  • Commonwealth Avenue westbound
  • The MBTA Green B Line
  • Commonwealth Avenue eastbound
Commonwealth Avenue Bridge Reconstruction Project Update

The bridge’s superstructure was built in 1965 and is in poor condition. The deck is deteriorated and the steel beams have significant corrosion in numerous locations. The project will restore the deteriorating bridge while adding significant functional and safety improvements for all users (see the Finished Condition on the Construction page).

MassDOT repaired the substructure (piers and abutments) under a separate project. The Commonwealth Avenue Bridge Replacement Project is the final phase of a complete bridge rehabilitation.

Accelerated Bridge Construction

Conventional bridge replacement techniques would take an estimated four-five years to replace the bridge, with constant impacts to I-90, Commonwealth Avenue, and the MBTA Green B Line. Instead, MassDOT is using Accelerating Bridge Construction (ABC) to reduce the construction impacts to two intensive construction shutdown windows:

  • Summer 2017 - Completed
  • 15 ½ days in Summer 2018

The 2017 Construction Shutdown occurred from July 26 - August 16, and the 2018 Construction Shutdown will occur from Thursday, July 26 – Saturday, August 11. See the Construction page for the full project schedule and details.

Using ABC methods, the construction team will use precast concrete elements and rapid-set concrete, and will pre-construct the deck panels off-site. Crews will work in continuous shifts, 24 hours a day, during the two intensive shutdown periods.

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