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Canton/Dedham/Norwood/Westwood: I-95/I-93 Interchange

aerial photo of project location

About The Project

I-95 Northbound Off-Ramp to I-93 Northbound – Construction Completed 2013:

Constructed a two lane off-ramp to I-93 northbound, removing the merge conflict.

Canton St./University Ave. Intersection - Construction Completed 2015:

Reconstructed the intersection of Canton Street with University Ave, including bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

University Ave Off Ramp - Construction Completed 2016:

Reconstructed the University Ave off-ramp to improve safety and meet highway design standards.

Dedham Street - Bid Opening 08/30/2016:

Proposed construction of an I-95 northbound off-ramp to Dedham Street and the reconstruction of Dedham Street, from two lanes to four lanes for 3,500 feet; includes three signalized intersections; will provide bicycle and pedestrian accommodations, where none exist today; the project will improve access to the Route 128/MBTA/Amtrak station; facilitate redevelopment in the University Station area and adjacent commercial properties. The proposed I-95 northbound off ramp to Dedham Street will also reduce the number of vehicles entering the I-95/I-93 interchange, thereby improving the performance of the interchange and remove the cut through traffic in Canton neighborhoods.

I-95/I-93 Interchange – 25% Design (on hold):

Provides safety improvements to I-95 southbound by creating an improved merge area for the I-93 and Dedham St ramps; safety improvements to I-95 northbound, from Dedham Street to the interchange, creating a safer decision area by reduce weaving as vehicles approach the I-93 off ramp; reconstruct the I-95/I-93 interchange by removing existing substandard loop ramps; remove 1,800 feet of abandoned I-95 roadway in the Northern Stub area, which will restore 16 acres of wetlands and 36 acres of upland. This results in the return of 52 acres to the DCR Blue Hills Reservation, which were acquired in the 1960’s, from the DCR (MDC), by MassDOT (DPW), for the I-95 construction.

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