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Sponsor-A-Highway provides civic-minded companies an opportunity to enhance Massachusetts's roadways by "sponsoring" segments of highways. Companies who utilize this program pay a fee to (Sponsor-A-Highway) SAHI or Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America (AAHLRSA) to perform litter removal in two-mile portions of roadway. For their part, the sponsor receives "recognition" on a 60" X 42" (48" X 36" in Cape Cod) sign. A 60" X 20" (44" X 16" in Cape Cod) recognition panel will allow for the sponsor to place corporate logos, colors and other identifiable messages, i.e. Golden Arches for McDonalds. Additionally, sponsor funded maintenance providers conduct 24 cleans per year, in comparison to 6-8 for Adopt-A-Highway programs. The additional number of litter cleans, throughout the year, will enhance the natural beauty of Massachusetts's roadways.

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