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The Adopt-A-Visibility Site Program is designed to encourage environmentally conscious school, business and community groups to assist in beautifying their community by supplying volunteer resources, upgrading and maintaining high visibility areas and off ramps on State Highways.

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Safety Video:
MassDOT agrees to provide:
  • safety training and guidelines, safety vests and plastic litter bags for clean-up projects
  • a sign identifying the adopting group in recognition for their contribution
  • names of participating groups and corporations to local media interested in covering Adopt-A-Visibility Site activities
Participants agree to provide - but are not necessarily limited to, the following services:
  • Litter Removal
    • setting up a schedule for routine patrolling of assigned areas
  • Beautification/Landscaping
    • such as the installation of flowerbeds, shrubs, trees and other beautification projects approved by the District Highway Director
  • Funding and Materials
    • for these projects would be the responsibility of the participant
  • Mowing and Trimming
    • may be provided only when the District Highway Engineer is satisfied that a proper schedule can be formulated and maintained
  • Vegetation Management
    • such as clearing vegetation from walks, drains and curbing; weeding flowerbeds; thinning out wooded areas and clearing safety sightlines within highway layouts
Who participates in the Adopt-A-Visibility Program

Participants typically include local interest groups such as garden clubs, environmental clubs, chambers of commerce, scouting and youth groups and landscape companies.

As this program has grown, an increasing number of businesses have chosen to participate in Visibility Site Program.

The area of responsibility is smaller under this program, yet the level of creativity of volunteer groups is almost limitless.

The Turners Falls High School Girls Volleyball Team created a visibility site which included a large volleyball-themed rock garden. The garden was part of a competition sponsored by Champion Sportswear, and as winners of the program, the team attended the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA.

There are many prime locations available throughout Massachusetts. Anyone interested in learning more about the Adopt A Visibility Site Program should contact:

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