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Access Permits

MassDOT is authorized to issue permits to applicants seeking access to the state highway layout.  In 2008, a new Access Permit Standard Operating Procedure and Application was adopted to ensure the permit process is predictable, timely and uniform.

Commercial Transport

The Commonwealth issues about 50,000 permits annually to allow oversized vehicles to travel within Massachusetts.  MassDOT provides a web-based application to support the processing, tracking, notification and issuance of truck permits for loads in excess of legal limits (non-reducible.)  The Online Truck Permit System is designed to improve the level of customer service and overall responsiveness for non-reducible permit services.


MassDOT regulates the erection and maintenance of off-premise billboards, signs and other advertising devices in the Commonwealth.

Logo Signs

MassDOT allows supplemental and logo signs on many of its highways, such as those for tourist attractions, businesses and colleges. View the Supplemental Sign Policy and obtain application materials.

Adopt-a-Highway Programs

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