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Part I - Design Guidelines

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LRFD Bridge Manual

This page contains links to and listings of all MassDOT LRFD Bridge Manual – 2013 Edition Design Guidelines regarding the bridge project development process, final design, construction drawing preparation, and LRFR bridge rating process.

Portion Description Issue Date Revision Date
Introduction to the Purpose and Use of this Bridge Manual June-13
Chapter 1 Bridge Site Exploration June-13
Chapter 2 Preliminary Engineering Guidelines June-13
Chapter 3 LRFD Bridge Design Guidelines June-13
Chapter 4 Construction Drawings June-13
Chapter 5 Special Provisions and Estimates June-13
Chapter 6 Shop Drawings, Construction Procedures, and Other Submissions June-13
Chapter 7 Bridge Load Rating Guidelines June-13
Chapter 8 Special Permit Vehicle Analysis Guidelines June-13
Appendix USGS Seismic Hazard Contour Maps for the 2500-Yr Return Period June-13
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