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Bridge Inspection Handbook 2015 Edition

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This page contains links to the MassDOT Bridge Inspection Handbook – 2015 Edition. These links include all of the chapters of the Handbook that are available for downloading.

The purpose of this Bridge Inspection Handbook is to present MassDOT’s Bridge Inspection Business Practices that have been developed to meet the requirements of the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS). It is a collection of policies, practices and procedures for the safety inspection and load posting of bridges and preparation and maintenance of the statewide bridge inventory. The document is intended to supplement other FHWA publications pertaining to the inspection and inventory of bridges. Use and understanding of this Handbook will improve the quality, uniformity and consistency of the Massachusetts Bridge Inspection Program. The Handbook also establishes the responsibilities and requirements of all individuals involved with the inspection of bridge structures.

Any revisions to the Handbook, further explanation or clarification, or additional information that may require insertion into the Handbook will be incorporated and reflected as a new section with the date of the revision stated in the section heading. Furthermore, the Table of Contents shall be revised to reflect the revised section and date of revision.

The most current copy of this Bridge Inspection Handbook will be contained on the MassDOT website. Consultants performing inspections and other users of this Handbook should be aware and are reminded to periodically check this website to ensure that they are conforming to latest policies.

MassDOT Bridge Inspection Handbook- 2015 Edition Binders

The MassDOT Bridge Inspection Handbook - 2015 Edition is sized to fit into a 2" three ring binder.

Bridge Inspection Handbook binder cover graphics is available for download as PDF file. It has been designed to print on 11" x 17" paper, cut along the black cut lines and inserted into the respective binders.


Issue Date Revision Date
Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, and Introduction and Purpose of this Handbook [625KB] May 2015 Sept 2017
Chapter 1: Introduction [1.1MB] May 2015
Chapter 2: General Safety Requirements [870KB] May 2015
Chapter 3: Inspection Frequency, Scheduling and Coordination [3.7MB] May 2015
Chapter 4: Field Inspection, Data Collecting, Report Writing and Report Review [6.8MB] May 2015
Chapter 5: Quality Control and Quality Assurance [1.1MB] May 2015
Chapter 6: Rating, Posting and Closing Of Bridges [5.7MB] May 2015
Chapter 7: Underwater Operations Team [5.3MB] May 2015
Chapter 8: Non-NBI Inspections [1.4MB] May 2015
Chapter 9: MassDOT Supplemental Coding Guide [2.4MB] May 2015
Chapter 10: Supplemental Information [3MB] May 2015 Sept 2017
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