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Bridge Manual Part II

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2005 Bridge Manual

This page contains links to and listings of all MassDOT Highway Bridge Manual Standard Drawings to be used to prepare Sketch Plans and Construction Drawings.

Downloadable AutoCAD and PDF files

The files to be used in the creation of the Construction Drawings/Sketch Plans are posted here in both AutoCAD and PDF formats. The files intended exclusively for viewing and not for the actual Construction Drawing/Sketch Plan use are posted here in PDF format only and have only the PDF icon next to their names.

To download an AutoCAD file right click the AutoCAD icon, choose "Save Target As". After this procedure is complete the user can open the drawing and edit it as needed.

To open a PDF file double click the PDF icon with the left mouse button. After this procedure is complete the user can save the file to his/her computer by choosing "Save A Copy" option from the PDF layout Toolbar.

Construction Drawing Creation

All Bridge Construction Drawings and Sketch Plans shall be created as per procedures specified in the MassDOT Highway Division CAD Standards.

Note: The Bridge Standard Details should be inserted as blocks within the AutoCAD Drawing.

Standard Drawing Sheets

Standard Drawing Sheets, which include Standard Highway Guardrail Transitions, Standard Rails and Standard Screens, are intended for use mainly unchanged. However, certain information, such as detail and section numbers, construction drawing sheet number, etc. may have to be changed as required for a particular set of plans. The Section Symbol, the Subsequent Sheet Block, and the Federal Block are attribute blocks and may be edited by the user at any time as needed.

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