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Municipal Small Bridge Program

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Municipal Small Bridge Program


The Small Bridge Program was signed into law on August 10, 2016 by Governor Charlie Baker. This 5 year, $50M program will provide reimbursable assistance to cities and towns of up to $500K per year to aid in the replacement and preservation of municipally owned bridges with spans between 10' and 20'. These bridges are not eligible for federal aid under existing bridge replacement or rehabilitation programs and an increasing number of them are at high risk for full or partial closure in the near future due to their present condition.

This is a need and merit based program that will seek to fund those applications that demonstrate a critical need (i.e. emergency closure, detrimental detour routes for first responders) or will substantially extend the life of an existing bridge.

All applications will be submitted by the city or town to their local district highway office. From there, projects will be screened for eligibility and forwarded to MassDOT's Bridge Section in Boston with a recommendation. Projects will again be evaluated and scored, with final recommendations being made to the Chief Engineer, who will issue to each municipality a final decision.


Applications will accepted three (3) times per year - Oct. 31st, Feb. 28th, and June 30th. Therefore, the first round of applications will need to be submitted to their respective Highway District on or before October 31, 2016.

Download the application

If a municipality feels they have an emergency situation, they may submit an application at any time to their district or contact MassDOT Chief Engineer Patricia Leavenworth at 857-368-8999.

Contact Information

Questions regarding your application should be directed to your District Bridge Engineer.

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