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Municipal Project Summary Guide

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Municipal Project Guide

Transportation projects bring significant benefits to a community. They are well worth the effort and investment that a municipality makes to have them become a reality. It is hoped this guide book will take some of the unknown out of the process by identifying the basic steps needed to deliver a quality project.

This document has been prepared jointly by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) and the American Council of Engineering Companies of Massachusetts (ACEC/MA) to provide guidance and understanding to municipalities concerning the process of initiating and undertaking a transportation improvement project within a community. Its primary audience is intended to be municipal officials seeking to plan, design and construct a project in conjunction with MassDOT using state or a combination of state and federal funds. In this process, the municipality is the party responsible for funding the design of the project.

While written for municipal public officials, the guide book also benefits MassDOT and Design Consultants as it addresses the relationships between them and a Municipality. All three need to work closely together to successfully deliver a quality infrastructure project to the community.

There are a number of reference materials already available to provide guidance to a municipality seeking to advance a local transportation improvement project. These have been prepared and sponsored by the Regional Planning Agencies, MassDOT and others. The primary resource for the design of transportation projects is MassDOT’s award winning Project Development and Design Guide, which provides the framework for incorporating context sensitive and multi-modal elements into transportation improvement projects. The intent of this guide book is not to replicate these materials. Its objective is three-fold. First, is to provide a perspective on the relationships that need to exist between the Municipality, MassDOT and the Design Consultant. Second, is to stress the importance of soliciting and retaining comprehensive consulting services to assist the Municipality in delivering quality design documents to MassDOT for construction. Third, is to provide the Municipality with a simple, one-page, interactive tool that links to valuable information about the key steps required for developing, designing and constructing transportation improvement projects.

Please refer to this guide book early and often to help ensure that your projects advance to construction in a timely, complete and satisfying manner.

Abbie Goodman
Executive Director

Frank DePaola, P.E.
Highway Administrator

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