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Complete Streets

In 2006, MassDOT Highway Division became one of the first state transportation agencies to adopt a Complete Streets approach with the release of the Project Development and Design Guide. This resource remains the guiding design manual for roadway projects under MassDOT jurisdiction or oversight.

In order to provide more specific guidance on Complete Streets design standards, MassDOT released the Healthy Transportation Policy Directive (P-13-0001) and Engineering Directive E-14-006. These directives require MassDOT projects to be designed and built so that all MassDOT "customers have access to safe and comfortable healthy transportation options to all MassDOT facilities and in all the services [MassDOT] provides," and add specific design requirements related to sidewalk presence, sidewalk width, and bicycle accommodation.

More recently, during the 2015 Moving Together Conference, MassDOT released its Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide. First of its kind by a state transportation agency, the design guide is a resource for considering, evaluating and designing separated bike lanes as part of a Complete Streets approach for providing safe and comfortable accommodations for all roadway users.

Additionally the MBTA issued draft guidance in September of 2014 on the design of Bus Stops.

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