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Prequalification of Architectural & Engineering Firms

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MassDOT routinely prequalifies Architectural and Engineering Firms (A&E) to provide services in various A&E discipline categories. MassDOT uses this prequalification information as a partial basis for the selection of firms for new A&E contract services with MassDOT. In addition, municipalities and other parties may use this prequalification information as a basis for the selection of firms for A&E services with their organizations.

MassDOT uses a qualifications-based selection process for the procurement of firms for all A&E contracts, including contracts for surveying services. In order for MassDOT to properly evaluate the organizational structure, experience and capabilities of each firm, interested firms must complete and submit an Architects and Engineers Review Board Prequalification Form (ADM-016) to MassDOT on a biannual basis. The Prequalification Form, detailed instructions, and other related information can be downloaded below.

The ADM-016 Form may be reproduced, but must be identical to the version provided below. Questions regarding the ADM-016 Form may be directed to the A&E Review Board at (857) 368-8995, or by email to

MassDOT also requires A&E firms to submit an Audited Overhead Rate to the Audit Operations Section as part of the prequalification process. Please note that this audit information must be supplied to MassDOT on an annual basis. Firms that fail to fulfill this annual audit requirement are not eligible to receive new contracts with MassDOT or to receive federal money from any source, either as a direct recipient or as a third party recipient. In addition, MassDOT will reject contract proposals from firms that do not meet all prequalification requirements. Refer to the Overhead Rate Guidelines document below for detailed information regarding MassDOT's audit requirements for A&E firms. Questions regarding the audit requirements may be directed to the Audit Operations Unit at (857) 368-8700, or by email to

Basic information about A&E firms currently prequalified by MassDOT is available through the following link: Architectural and Engineering Firms. Information may be sorted by Company Name or by Discipline.

Documents available for download

Document PDF Format MS Excel Format
Prequalification Form ADM016_20130501.pdf [245KB] ADM016_20130501.xlsx [541KB]
Instructions for Completing Form Instructions20131206.pdf [78KB] N/A
Prequalification Category Definitions CategoryDefinitions20130501.pdf [104KB] N/A
Overhead Rate Guidelines OverheadGuide_Feb2016.pdf [262KB] N/A
AASHTO Uniform Audit and Accounting Guide (Link to AASHTO website)
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