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Portable Traffic Signals

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Standard Bid Item Manufacturer Product Name or Model # Qualification Date Qualification Type Remarks
* John Thomas, Inc. ADDCO PTS-2000 09/02/1999 Full
* Horizon Signal Technologies
SQ2 11/16/2016 Full  
* Horizon Signal Technologies
SQ2T 11/16/2016 Full  
* Horizon Signal Technologies SQ3TS 09/17/2013 Full Product previously qualified without a specific Model #.
* North America Traffic PTL 2.4LD 05/20/2015 Full  
* North America Traffic PTL 2.4X 06/20/2017 Full
* OMJC Signal Pop-Up LD 03/27/2018 Full  
* Tower Sign and Signal, Inc. SX 7500 06/05/2009 Provisional Qualified for use with video detection, only.

*By Special Provision Only.


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