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Highway Guardrail End Treatments

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Standard Bid Item Manufacturer Product Name Test Level
FHWA Letter* Qualification Date Qualification Type Remarks
Products that conform to the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) testing criteria
627.83 Barrier Systems MAX-Tension TL-3 CC-133 09/06/2017 Full Redirective, gating.
627.72 & 627.73 Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. QuadGuard M10
TL-2 & TL-3 CC-112C 10/22/2014 Full Redirective, non-gating.
627.83 Road Systems, Inc. MSKT TL-3 CC-126 03/24/2017 Full Redirective, gating.
627.82 & 627.83 Trinity Highway Products SoftStop TL-2 & TL-3 CC-115 11/16/2016 Full Redirective, gating.
627.73 Work Area Protection Corporation SCI-100GM TL-3 CC-128 08/23/2016 Full Redirective, non-gating
 Products that conform to the NCHRP 350 testing criteria

Barrier Systems X-MAS TL-3 CC-102 11/20/2013 Full Bidirectional, redirective, non-gating.

Barrier Systems X-TENSION TL-3 CC-102
11/20/2013 Full Redirective, non-gating.

Barrier Systems X-TENuator TL-3 CC-109 11/20/2013 Full Bidirectional, redirective, non-gating.

Energy Absorption Systems, Inc. Brakemaster 350 TL-3 CC-41 Prior to 05/02/2012 Full Bidirectional, redirective, gating.

Formet, Inc. FX/TX TL-3   04/26/2013 Full Redirective, gating. 

Roads Systems, Inc. FLEAT 350 TL-2 & TL-3 CC-46 Prior to 05/02/2012 Full

Roads Systems, Inc. SKT 350 TL-3 CC-40 Prior to 05/02/2012 Full

Trinity Highway Products CAT-350 TL-3 CC-33 Prior to 05/02/2012 Full Bidirectional, redirective.

Trinity Highway Products SRT-27 Post TL-3 CC-101 Prior to 05/02/2012 Full For use with SRT-350.

Trinity Highway Products SRT-350 TL-3 CC-31 Prior to 05/02/2012 Full Gating.

*Note this column may not be all-inclusive since some products may have additional FHWA letters for modifications or crash testing under specific conditions.


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