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Hot Mix Asphalt Producers

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Research & Materials

MassDOT approved Hot Mix Asphalt Producers and Locations for the year 2017. Any producer failing to have their 2017 mix designs approved before April 15, 2017 shall be removed from the Qualified List after the expiration date.

Aggregate Industries

  • Ashland, MA (Batch)
  • Chelmsford, MA (Drum)
  • Dennis, MA (Batch)
  • Hyannis, MA (Batch)
  • Peabody, MA (Batch)
  • Raynham, MA (Batch)
  • Saugus, MA (Batch)
  • Saugus, MA (Drum)
  • Shrewsbury, MA (Batch)
  • Stoughton, MA (Batch)
  • Watertown, MA (Batch)
  • Weymouth, MA (Batch)
  • Wrentham, MA (Batch)
  • Wrentham, MA (Drum)


  • Kingston, NH (Batch)
  • Wilmington, MA (Batch)

Berkshire Asphalt

  • Springfield, MA (Batch)

Bevilaqua Asphalt

  • Uxbridge, MA, (Drum)


  • Dracut, MA (Batch)
  • Dracut, MA (Drum)
  • Ipswich, MA (Batch)
  • Keene, NH (Batch)
  • Marlboro, MA (Batch)
  • Merrimac, MA (Batch)

Colarusso Blacktop

  • Hudson, NY (Batch)


  • Warwick, RI (Drum)

Century Aggregates

  • Pittsfield, MA (Batch)

Holden Trap Rock

  • Holden, MA (Drum)
  • Holden, MA (Batch)

J. H. Lynch

  • Cumberland,RI (Drum)
  • Cumberland,RI (Batch)
  • East Providence, RI (Batch)
  • Millbury, MA (Drum)
  • Millbury, MA (Batch)

Johnston Asphalt

  • Johnston, RI (Batch)

JSL Asphalt

  • Charlton, MA (Batch)

Killingly Asphalt

  • Dayville, CT (Batch)

Lane Construction

  • Granby, MA (Batch)
  • Lenoxdale, MA (Batch)
  • Northfield, MA (Batch)
  • Westfield, MA (Batch)

Lawrence Lynch

  • Falmouth, MA (Batch)

M. Susi Asphalt

  • Hyde Park, MA (Batch)

Mitchell Sand & Gravel

  • Winchester, NH (Batch)

Norfolk Asphalt

  • Norwood, MA (Batch)

Oxford Asphalt

  • Oxford, MA (Batch)

P. J. Keating

  • Acushnet, MA (Drum)
  • Cranston, RI (Batch)
  • Dracut, MA (Batch)
  • Lunenburg, MA (Drum)

Palmer Paving

  • Barre, MA (Batch)
  • Easthampton, MA (Batch)
  • Easthampton, MA (Drum)
  • Palmer, MA (Drum)
  • Palmer, MA (Batch)
  • Springfield, MA (Drum)
  • Springfield, MA (Batch)

Pandolf Perkins

  • Sterling, MA (Drum)

Pawtucket Asphalt

  • Pawtucket, RI (Drum)

Riley Bros.

  • Bellingham, MA (Drum)

Rochester Bituminous

  • West Wareham, MA (Drum)

T. Miozzi, Inc.

  • North Kingstown RI (Drum)

Ted Ondrick

  • Chicopee, MA (Drum)
  • Chicopee, MA (Batch)

Troy Sand & Gravel

  • West Sand Lake, NY (Batch)


  • Nantucket, MA (Batch)

Warner Bros.

  • East Deerfield, MA (Batch)
  • East Deerfield, MA (Drum)
  • Sunderland, MA (Batch)

White Bros.

  • Oak Bluffs, MA (Batch)

William E. Dailey, Inc.

  • Shaftsbury,VT (Batch)
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