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Asphalt Release Agents

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Research & Materials

Product Name Manufacturer Valid Through
Black Magic BG Chemical 11/1/2019
GreenGuard BG Chemical 5/2/2019
40019 ChemStation 9/27/2019
8277 ChemStation 6/14/2019
8442 ChemStation 8/7/2017
8473 ChemStation 10/5/2019
CT 6550 Asphalt Release Agent Chemtech Inc. 3/22/2020
No.1 Concentrated Asphalt Release Agent Compound Technologies, Inc 9/30/2018
SPX-7 Compound Technologies, Inc 9/9/2019
BMF asphalt release agent Compound Technologies, Inc. 9/7/2019
No. 1 Compound Technologies, Inc. 9/7/2019
Asphalt Release Agent PR Industrial Oils Unlimited 12/8/2017
Polymeric Release Agent KO Manufacturing Inc. 3/29/2019
ClearRelease KT Chemicals 6/16/2018
Ultra Slider Meyer Lab 4/10/2020
BTR 720 Miller Chemical Technology 7/2/2018
Asphalt Release Agent ARA-2 Sochem Solutions 3/8/2019

Products on this list were qualified as of the date posted: June 22, 2017

Please Note:

  1. All ARA products on the above list have been submitted to NTPEP for testing. NTPEP test results must be made available on DATAMINE for public viewing.
  2. Products shown above with a "Valid Through Date" have been submitted to NTPEP and the results have been qualified by MassDOT.
  3. NTPEP ARA testing cycles must be verified by the manufacturer.
  4. Only ARA products listed on the MassDOT QCML may be used on MassDOT contracts.
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