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Traffic Engineering

Requests for Information

To obtain speed regulation information and engineering support data, where available, an official request must be made to the General Counsel's office at MassDOT through the Freedom of Information Act. Please be aware that the engineering data on file for each speed zone throughout Massachusetts justifies the posted speed limit in each area. This information essentially validates the posted speed by virtue of its existence. If you interested in obtaining this data for a particular area, please include your contact information and email address along with a brief description of the information you are inquiring about.

Please contact:

Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Office of the General Counsel
10 Park Plaza, Room 3510
Boston, MA 02116

Requests for Speed Zoning

Speed zoning and the establishment of special speed regulations on all streets and highways in Massachusetts is the responsibility of MassDOT, as prescribed by Chapter 90, Section 18 of the Massachusetts General Laws (MGL). Any city or town that wishes to establish a new or modify an existing special speed regulation should follow the detailed process found in the MassDOT Procedures for Speed Zoning. As a part of this request, the municipality is required to submit the following information to their local MassDOT District Office as a part of the engineering study:

  • Preliminary Study of Conditions;
  • Speed Calculations on Curves;
  • Speed Observations;
  • Recent Crash History; and
  • Trial Runs at Location.

Additional information may also be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Notification for Adoption of Chapter 90, Section 17C

Section 193 of Chapter 218 of the Acts of 2016 allows cities or towns to opt-in to Chapter 90, Section 17C of the MGL, setting the reasonable and proper speed on municipally-owned streets within thickly settled or business districts at 25 mph. This may apply to any or all city or town ways that do not have existing special speed regulations. Cities and towns that choose to opt-in are required by the legislation to notify MassDOT if and when these speed limits are established.

To notify MassDOT, please send a copy of the approved change to the municipal traffic code to:

Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Highway Division - Traffic & Safety Engineering
Attention: Regulations Engineer
10 Park Plaza, Room 7210
Boston, MA 02116

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