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Traffic Engineering

Traffic Signs in Massachusetts

Traffic signs inform drivers of traffic regulations, potential hazards, and also provide important directional guidance. MassDOT is responsible for overseeing the installation, maintenance, inspection, and replacement of all signs on the Interstate, freeway, and secondary state highway systems, as well as directional signs at junctions on state numbered routes. As part of MassDOT's ongoing efforts to improve safety on our roadways, highway signing is routinely reviewed and updated to insure that it remains functional and in a state of good repair. Through a combination of state forces and contractors MassDOT replaces, on average, 300 to 500 large directional signs and approximately 800 to 1,000 other warning and regulatory signs on the Interstate and freeway system each year. In addition, 100 to 250 directional signs and 200 to 500 other warning and regulatory signs are replaced yearly on the secondary state highway system.

MassDOT Standard Signs

MassDOT has designs for specific sign faces that are used throughout the Commonwealth, generally conform to standards found in the MUTCD, but do not have a standard MUTCD sign code. These signs may be used on State Highways or locally-owned streets and highways both through MassDOT projects or at the discretion of the city or town. Please refer to the MA Amendments to the MUTCD for standards, guidance, and applicability on usage.

The MassDOT Standard Sign Book includes all of these signs. Alternatively, individual sign face drawings may be downloaded from the tables below.

Regulatory Signs

Sign or Plaque
Latest Revision
State Law Yield to Traffic in Rotary MA-R1-11 11/2016
End Speed Zone MA-R2-7 11/2016
Safety Zone Speed Limit 20 MA-R2-8 11/2016
Thickly Settled Speed Limit 25 Citywide MA-R2-9A 3/2017
Thickly Settled Speed Limit 25 Townwide MA-R2-9B 3/2017
Work Zone Speeding Fines Doubled MA-R2-10a 11/2016
End Road Work Double Fines End MA-R2-10e 11/2016
Authorized Travel in Breakdown Lane MA-R4-19 11/2016
Travel Prohibited in This Lane MA-R4-20 11/2016
Except [days] [times] (plaque) MA-R4-20aP 11/2016
Except [days] [2 times] (plaque) MA-R4-20bP 11/2016
End Breakdown Lane Travel MA-R4-21 11/2016
Travel Prohibited in Breakdown Lane MA-R4-22 11/2016
Enter Here MA-R4-25 3/2017
Left Lane Trucks Prohibited MA-R5-2LL 11/2016
Left 2 Lanes Trucks Prohibited MA-R5-2L2L 11/2016
Trucks Prohibited in Lane (overhead) MA-R5-2OH 11/2016
Pedestrians, Bicycles & Horses Prohibited MA-R9-15 11/2016
Left Turn Yield on Flashing Yellow Arrow MA-R10-12a 11/2016
Crosswalk Stop on Red Proceed on Flashing Red When Clear MA-R10-23a 11/2016

Warning Signs

Sign or Plaque
Latest Revision 
Merge Left/Right MA-W4-2aL/R 4/2017
Thru Traffic Merge Left MA-W4-7L 1/2017
Thru Traffic Merge Right MA-W4-7R 1/2017
Lanes Narrow Ahead MA-W5-5 5/2017
Reduced Salt Area MA-W8-13a 11/2016
End Reduced Salt MA-W8-13b 11/2016
Plows Use Caution MA-W8-13c 11/2016
Caution Breakdown Lane Travel Permitted MA-W8-26 11/2016
Breakdown Lane in Use MA-W8-27 11/2016
[days] [times] (2 lines, plaque) MA-W8-27aP 11/2016
[days] [times] (3 lines, plaque) MA-W8-27bP 11/2016
Emergency Pull-Off MA-W8-28 11/2016
Lanes Split MA-W9-4 5/2017
This Lane Exit Only MA-W9-8 11/2016
Thickly Settled District XX MPH MA-W13-4 5/2017
Business District XX MPH MA-W13-4a 5/2017
On Roadway (plaque) MA-W16-19P 11/2016
Freeway Ends XX Miles MA-W19-1a 11/2016
Expressway Ends XX Miles MA-W19-2a 11/2016
Right (Left) Two Lanes Closed (with distance) MA-W20-5b 12/2016
Police Officer Ahead MA-W20-7b 11/2016
Emergency Scene Ahead MA-W20-9 4/2017
Exit Closed (with distance) MA-W20-10 4/2017
Bike Lane Closed Ahead MA-W21-5c 11/2016
Moving Operations Ahead MA-W21-9 4/2017
Lanes Shift Ahead MA-W24-2 5/2017
Median Crossover Ahead MA-W24-3 5/2017
Rumble Strips Ahead MA-W28-1 11/2016
Squeeze Left MA-W30-8L 11/2016
Squeeze Right MA-W30-8R 11/2016

Guide Signs

Sign or Plaque
Latest Revision
Directional, Single Legend MA-D1-4 11/2016
Directional, Route Shield, Single Legend MA-D1-5 (Ex 1) 11/2016
Directional, Street Name, Single Legend MA-D1-5 (Ex 2) 11/2016
Directional, MBTA Station MA-D1-5 (T) 11/2016
Directional, MBTA Station MA-D1-5a (T) 11/2016
Directional, Route Shield, Double Legend MA-D1-6 11/2016
Double Directional, Route Shield, Triple Legend MA-D1-7 (Ex 1) 11/2016
Double Directional, Route Shield, Triple Legend MA-D1-7 (Ex 2) 11/2016
Double Directional, Route Shield, Triple Legend MA-D1-7 (Ex 3) 11/2016
Double Directional, Street Name, Double Legend MA-D1-7 (Ex 4) 11/2016
Advance Double Directional, Route Shield, Triple Legend MA-D1-7a 11/2016
Street Name MA-D3-1 9/2017
Exit Gore (Work Zone) MA-E5-1wz 5/2017
MBTA (T) Symbol (T) 11/2016

General Information Signs

Sign or Plaque
Latest Revision
Intermediate Reference Location MA-D10-2b 11/2016
Enhanced Reference Location MA-D10-4a 11/2016
State Route Number (1 or 2 Digit) MA-M1-5 4/2017
State Route Number (3 Digit) MA-M1-5a 4/2017
Book Leaf Municipal Boundary MA-I-2a 11/2016
State Highway Begins MA-I-13 11/2016
State Highway Ends MA-I-14 11/2016
Memorial Designation (State Shield) MA-I-15a 1/2017
Memorial Designation (Purple Heart) MA-I-15b 1/2017

Service Signs

Sign or Plaque
Latest Revision
Single-Exit Interchange, Specific Services (one service)  MA-D9-19a 1/2017
Single-Exit Interchange, Specific Services (multiple services) MA-D9-19b 9/2017
Multi-Exit Interchange, Specific Services MA-D9-19c 1/2017
Exit Ramp, Specific Services (two columns) MA-D9-20a 1/2017
Exit Ramp, Specific Services (one column) MA-D9-20b 1/2017
Exit Ramp, Specific Services (one column, Attractions) MA-D9-20c 1/2017


School Area Signs

Sign or Plaque
Latest Revision
School Zone Ahead MA-S4-5bP 11/2016


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