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Intersection Crash Rates

The intersection average crash rates are based upon a database of signalized and unsignalized intersection crash rates that are compiled by MassDOT. The database contains intersection crash rates, obtained from crash rate worksheets that have been submitted to MassDOT as part of the review process for an Environmental Impact Report or Functional Design Report. MassDOT enters the information directly from the crash rate worksheet into the database. The statewide average crash rates merely reflect the average of those rates contained in the database and the district-wide crash rates reflect the average of those crash rates in the particular district, calculated for both signalized and unsignalized locations. The most recent average crash rates, which are updated on a nearly yearly basis, are based on all entries in the database not just those entries made within the past year.

Average Crash Rates, per Million Entering Vehicles, by Intersection Type
(Based upon crash information queried on February 9, 2016)
Location Signalized Intersections Unsignalized Intersections
Statewide 0.77 0.58
District 1* 0.92* 0.43*
District 2 0.82 0.70
District 3 0.90 0.65
District 4 0.73 0.56
District 5 0.76 0.58
District 6 0.70 0.53

* - District 1 should use Statewide Rates due to low sample total

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