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MassDOT Highway Division obtains crash data from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) Division for use in traffic engineering studies, safety-planning activities, and for distribution to government agencies and the public. Data files are provided for an entire city or town for an entire year. Data for a single roadway or a single intersection are not currently available from the Department, but must be summarized from the data files by the user.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What Data Are Available In The City/Town Crash Listing Files?

    Crashes are listed individually in the city/town data files. Each crash includes information on date, time, number of vehicles involved, crash severity, weather and lighting conditions, and crash location information obtained from the RMV crash data. Crash records are displayed in a tabular format in a Standard Report. A Support Information file is supplied along with the data to enable users to better interpret the data. This sample crash report  includes 24 columns of the most frequently-requested data elements for each crash from the Department’s Crash Data System.

  • What is the MassDOT Crash Data Portal?

    The Crash Data Portal is a MassDOT website that provides improved public access to crash data in a variety of different ways. Users of this site can request and receive Excel city/town crash data files through the web automatically by E-mail within a few seconds, instead of submitting E-mail requests that were handled manually in the past. Another feature of this site enables users to create a custom Ad Hoc query from the Statewide crash database for year 2002-2015 data for up to 73 data elements, to retrieve crash records that meet user-defined selection criteria, with AND/OR conditions. Users can also see the results of their selection displayed on an interactive map (for geocoded or mappable crashes only). The results of such queries can be exported as Microsoft Excel files.

  • How Do I Obtain City/Town Crash Listing Files?

    The fastest and easiest way is to use the Crash Data Portal - Standard Reports. Crash data files may be requested from MassDOT Highway Division by completing and sending us the Request Form. Large data requests (usually more than five years of data for a town, or more than one year of data for a large city) require that you mail us a blank CD-ROM onto which the files will be copied. Statewide data for all 351 cities and towns is also available on a CD-ROM. Requestors must enclose a self-addressed, stamped cardboard or padded CD mailer to be used for sending the data CD-ROM back to you.

  • What Years Of Data Are Currently Available?

    City/town crash data files are available for the following years: 1990 through 2015.

  • When Will Data for 2016 Be Available?

    The 2016 data will be made available after the Registry of Motor Vehicles closes the annual data file and processes the information into a standard format for MassDOT Highway Division to distribute. [Projected Availability: First or Second Quarter, 2018]

  • What If I Want General Statistics On Crashes In Massachusetts?

    General crash statistics (instead of a detailed listing of each crash within a city/town) are available from the Highway Safety Division of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security website.

    What do I need to file if I was involved in motor vehicle accident?

    Visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles Accident Report Forms page to find the Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report form.

    How Do I Obtain A Copy Of A Police Report Of A Crash In Which I Was Involved?

    Either a Paper Request for Copy of Crash Report or an Electronic Request for Copy of Crash Report must be submitted to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.


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