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Traffic Engineering

The MassDOT Highway Division - Traffic and Safety Engineering Section is responsible for overseeing the traffic engineering activities for MassDOT to ensure that the roadway and bridge construction and maintenance program comply with the federal, state and local engineering standards and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Laws. The Traffic and Safety Engineering Section is divided into 5 units:

  • The Electrical Systems Unit is responsible for reviewing Traffic Control Signal Regulations and Maintenance Agreements, review of highway lighting and associated electrical plans, inspection of sign, signal and lighting structures, maintaining, and managing consultant contracts.
  • The Safety Management Unit geocodes crashes and distributes the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ Crash Data System database, conducts Road Safety Audits, identifies locations for safety improvement projects, assists in fatal crash investigations, works with the Regional Planning Agencies to produce a priority listing of safety projects under the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), drafts the Strategic Highway Safety Plan, and works to implement various Federal Highway Administration Safety Program Initiatives.
  • The Signs and Markings Unit provides technical review services for all construction and maintenance projects prepared for MassDOT, develops Department guide sign and supplemental sign policies, offers technical assistance for traffic signs and pavement markings, performs rights of way canvasses, and maintains the Qualified Products List for traffic control devices.
  • The Traffic Operations Unit is responsible for MEPA document review, development design review, reviewing construction documents for Department projects, traffic impact and corridor studies, reviewing and/or designing Work Zone Management plans for all types of MassDOT projects, evacuation planning and incident management, work zone inspections, and staffs the Specifications and Design Exception Committees.
  • The Traffic Regulations Unit is responsible for establishing safe speed limits on state and municipal roadways, review, approval and implementation of heavy commercial vehicle exclusions, drafting and approval of traffic control agreements for federal aid projects, maintaining the memorial sign database, overseeing the work zone speed enforcement program, and, in conjunction with the General Counsel, responding to Freedom of Information Act requests.


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