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Highway Design Review Checklist

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Project Management

The attached checklists are designed as tools to assist designers in conducting quality control reviews for highway submittals. These checklists do not address Traffic, Structural, Landscape and other aspects of the design review process. A Document Distribution and a Utility Plan Distribution chart are included in each workbook to assist you with planning your submissions.

An effort was made to avoid repeating items to be reviewed in the 25%, 75% and 100% reviews. However, there is certainly an overlap. The checklists emphasize the importance of the design concept and design criteria for the 25% review, the plan preparation and estimating for the 75% review and overall contract completeness for the 100% review. However, depending on the progress of the project design it may be important to revisit some of the items from the 25% review checklist when reviewing the 75% plans. Conversely, when a 25% submittal contains information typically associated with a 75% submittal, it is worthwhile to offer comments.

Considering the checklist will periodically be revised to reflect new changes in policy or procedures, the designer shall always refer to MassDOT's website for the latest version prior to conducting review.

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