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The Project Management Section oversees roadway and bridge projects that are designed by consultant engineering companies. MassDOT Project Managers are responsible for supporting the advancement of each project through the design phase in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local requirements relative to design criteria, environmental regulations and property rights, or Right of Way.

Although MassDOT contracts directly with consultant engineering companies for many projects, municipalities are responsible for obtaining the necessary design services for many other projects where they control the Right of Way. In these cases, the MassDOT Project Manager works closely with the municipality to provide guidance to the community as they navigate through the design process.

The Resources provided below are intended to help consultant engineering companies and municipalities advance projects through the design phase in a consistent, responsible manner. Additional links provided on the left offer quick access to information regarding current MassDOT projects and other MassDOT design support units.

Each consultant engineer is reminded to routinely check these resources as important guidance is subject to change. At a minimum, the consultant engineer should check these applicable resources prior to starting work, prior to each phase of work, and prior to scheduled submissions to MassDOT.

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