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Outdoor Advertising

The Office of Outdoor Advertising (OOA) Public Service Announcement (PSA) Program provides public agencies access to OOA-permitted digital billboards that are privately owned and operated by licensed outdoor advertising companies.

Launched as a pilot program in June 2010, the PSA program has helped federal, state, and municipal agencies to deliver their messages to communities throughout Massachusetts.

To view currently permitted digital sign locations throughout the state, follow the "Interactive Mapping Tool" link (in the navigation bar at left of page): digital signs are indicated on map in green.

Only state agencies with public awareness messages will be considered for participation in this program. Please use the application form to submit your requests. PSA's may be requested for one or two month periods. All forms should be submitted at least two months prior to the requested dates. The OOA will make every effort to have your PSA air during the requested dates, there are no guarantees that the PSA will appear.

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