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Suggested Urban Street Trees

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Short List of Suggested Street Trees*
Large Trees (mature size more than 40')
Botanical Name Common Name Cultivars Size Characteristics
Acer rubrum Red Maple 'Red Sunset', 'Armstrong', 'Bowhall', 'Columnare' 40-75' Does not tolerate heavily polluted areas, dry soils. Prefers acid soils.
Celtis occidentalis Common Hackberry 40-60' Wind tolerant, salt and drought resistant. Subject to pests and disease.
Fraxinus pennsylvanica Green Ash 'Marshall's Seedless', 'Summit' 50-60' Tolerant of heat, cold, wet and dry soils. Subject to borers and scale. Select male cultivars.
Ginkgo biloba Ginkgo 'Autumn Gold', 'Princeton Sentry' 50-80' Tolerates extremes of soil, heat and pollution. Choose male clones only.
Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis Thornless Honeylocust 'Skyline', 'Shademaster' 30-70' Very adaptable to soils and tolerant of salt, drought, and soil compaction. Over-used. Subject to pests and disease.
Platanus x acerifolia London Planetree 'Bloodgood', 'Columbia', 'Liberty', 'Yarwood' 70-100' Tolerates wide range of soils. Select anthracnose resistant cultivars. Best where has large space.
Quercus palustris Pin Oak 'Crownright', 'Sovereign' 60-70' Fairly tolerant of city conditions. Intolerant of high pH soils. May need to be limbed up.
Quercus robur English Oak 'Fastigata' 40-50' 'Fastigiata' is good for restricted areas, but red and pin oak are better choices where space allows. Mildew can be a problem.
Quercus rubra Northern Red Oak 60-80' Tolerates range of soils, withstands pollution. Intolerant of high pH.
Tilia cordata Littleleaf Linden 'Corinthian', 'Glenleven', 'Greenspire' 60-70' Tolerates pollution and pruning. Susceptible to salt, as well as aphids and Japanese beetle.
Ulmus americana American Elm 'Princeton', 'Valley Forge', 'New Harmony' 60-80' Withstands extremes of soil conditions, salt tolerant. Subject to pests and decay. Select Dutch elm resistant cultivars.
Ulmus parvifolia Chinese Elm 'Allee', 'Athena', 'Milliken' 40-50' Adaptable to wide range of soil, tolerant of urban conditions. Resistant to Dutch elm disease, elm leaf beetle and Japanese beetle.
Ulmus sp. Elm hybrids 'Frontier', 'Regal', 'Homestead' 40-50' Tolerant of urban conditions. Select resistant cultivars. Susceptible to elm leaf beetle.
Zelkova serrata Japanese Zelkova 'Green Vase' 50-80' Tolerant of soils, wind, drought, pollution. Good resistance to Dutch elm disease, elm leaf and Japanese beetle.
Medium Trees (mature size approximately 30-40')
Botanical Name Common Name Cultivars Size Characteristics
Acer campestre Hedge Maple 25-35' Very adaptable, tolerant of dry soils, soil compaction and air pollution. Withstands severe pruning.
Koelreuteria paniculata Golden Raintree 'Fastigiata' 30-40' Tolerant of heat, drought, wind, compacted soils, and air pollution. Possibly weak
Pyrus calleryana Callery Pear 'Aristocrat', 'Chanticleer' 30-35' Adaptable to soils, tolerates dryness and pollution. Overplanted. Use only disease/pest resistant cultivars, narrow cultivars for restricted space.
Small Trees (mature size less than 30')
Botanical Name Common Name Cultivars Size Characteristics
Acer ginnala Amur Maple 15-20' Adaptable to wide range soils, tolerant of wind and drought. Select single stem. May need to be limbed up.
Amelanchier sp. Serviceberry 'Autumn Sunset', 'Cumulus' 15-25' Adaptable to soil, not pollution tolerant. Subject to insects and diseases. Select resistant cultivars and single stem.
Malus sp. Crabapple 'Wyman', 'Cardinal', 'Prairifire', 'Snowdrift', 'Zumi' 15-30' Tolerant of drought, salt, air pollution. Wide variety of sizes and shapes. Select disease/pest resistant cultivar. Fruit litter -- choose species with small fruit, or that hold fruit. Low branching can be issue, especially near walkways.
Syringa reticulata Japanese Tree Lilac Ivory Silk', 'Regent', 'Summer Snow' 25-30' Adaptable to difficult sites. Resistant to mildew, borers and scale.

*List is not a comprehensive urban tree list. Trees in list may not be appropriate for all conditions.

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