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Landscape Design

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Landscape Design

The mission of the MassDOT Landscape Design Section is to protect and enhance existing cultural and ecological context of the roadside. The Section provides guidance for street-related urban design including improvements for pedestrian and other non-vehicular use; neighborhood and urban center streetscapes and urban forestry; as well as architectural detailing for walls, bridges, lighting and related structures.

The Section also provides guidance and direction with regard to: stabilization of earthwork surfaces with grass and erosion control strategies; control of invasive plant species; appropriate use of native species; and the establishment of sustainable native and non-native plant communities in the restoration of both upland and wetland areas.

What We Do
  • Bridge and Wall Aesthetics
  • Context Based Solutions
  • Landscape Analysis
  • Landscape Restoration and Planting Design
  • Pedestrian Access and Amenities
  • Project Visualization/3-D Modeling
  • Research
  • Roadside Development
  • Streetscapes and Urban Design
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