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Environmental Services

MassDOT Highway coordinates the investigation and remediation of public water supplies with the appropriate regional office of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). For Non-Community Water System, MassDOT Highway will evaluate a salt contamination complaint that is from a water supplier that documents full compliance with 310 CMR 22 for at least one year. This compliance must be confirmed by the appropriate DEP regional office before MassDOT Highway can institute remedial action. Prior to implementation of any remedial action, MassDOT Highway requires an opportunity to review the monthly data provided by the water supplier. Due to the size of a public water supply system, the investigation of these matters is considerably more complex than a private well, and may result in the designation of a reduced salt area or modification to highway drainage if it is determined that MassDOT Highway significantly contributed to the sodium and chloride concentrations in the public water supply.
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