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Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

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Reverse Osmosis (RO) was developed in the late 1950’s as an economical method of desalinating sea water. Today RO is commonly used for treatment in residential drinking water supplies. RO treatment can be used for the reduction of foul taste, smells, or colors. Additionally, RO treatment is effective in reducing the concentration of nitrates, sulfates, sodium, and total dissolved solids.

RO filters water as it passes through a semi permeable membrane. The semi permeable membranes allow water molecules to pass through but filter out larger compounds, like salt. Proper maintenance of the RO system is necessary to retain effectiveness over time.

One of the remedial actions MassDOT Highway may perform to reduce the sodium, calcium, and chlorides in a residential drinking water supply, is the installation of the GE Merlin Whole House RO system or a Point Of Use RO system.

GE Merlin System showing Water Softener, Pressure Tank, Re-pressurization Tank, Merlin R. O System and Brine Tank for Regenerating Water Softener

The GE Merlin Whole House RO system is a ready to install 700-1,400 gallon per day water treatment system. The system automatically pressurizes your entire home, dispensing up to 20 gallons per minute from any tap or water connection in your home.

This system is easily installed in your basement (as shown to the left) and requires just one standard electrical outlet.

Point of Use System

A Point Of Use (POU) RO system is a compact design which fits easily under your kitchen sink and runs on line pressure only, so there's no pump or electricity required.

Summary of Drinking Water Analyses Before and After Installation of Reverse Osmosis Treatment System
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