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Environmental Services

former roadway bridge reused for Blackstone River Bikeway, Millbury The Unit is responsible for implementing the Highway Division’s Environmental Management System (EMS) and, developing and promoting Sustainability efforts. These are valuable management tools that assist the Highway Division in complying with state and federal regulations, reducing waste, and promoting the efficient use of resources. An EMS Compliance Coordinator stationed in each District helps to ensure success of these initiatives.

The EMS promotes compliance with environmental requirements involving maintenance activities that occur on roadways, at maintenance garages, salt storage facilities, drawbridge facilities, and the Tobin Memorial Bridge.

MassDOT Highway Division is committed to Sustainable Transportation. We have many opportunities to consider and balance the interests of our employees, customers, and our communities. The MassDOT Highway Division published its first Sustainability plan in 2006. This plan focused on improving the environment through energy and water conservation, waste reduction, renewable energy, and aids in the development of policies that are both environmentally and economically sound. MassDOT continues its efforts in Sustainability through innovations in Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility and Economic Strength.


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