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The mission of the State Transportation Library of Massachusetts is to provide reference, research and bibliographic services in support of the transportation agencies of the Commonwealth in the promotion of its transportation infrastructure. Through the rapid delivery of information and data, the State Transportation Library provides a gateway of transportation information in research and technology transfer.

Founded in 1984 through the cooperative efforts of the transportation agencies of the Commonwealth, the State Transportation Library has a collection of over 20,000 specialized titles. Government employees, transportation professionals, historians, students, and citizens interested in design projects, environmental impact reports, historical documentation, and technical information access its holdings through the Metro Boston Library Network.

The State Transportation Library provides an integration of the state transportation knowledge network The Library provides linkage with the national transportation infrastructure by connecting its catalog with the Transportation Libraries Union Catalog (TL Cat) and as a member of the Eastern Transportation Knowledge Network. The activities of the Library continually provide resources for innovation in applied research and advances in the transportation sector.

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Presently, the Library’s holdings are located in closed stacks. MassDOT is presently undergoing a planning review of the library's holdings. Reference and any other questions may be e-mailed to

Some significant historical documents of MassDOT are presently digitized in the Internet Archive

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