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MassDOT March Board Meeting

March 12
MBTA Board Room
Suite 3830
10 Park Plaza, Boston
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Medford Green Line Extension Public Meeting: February 24

The Green Line Extension Project neighborhood public meeting to provide details about noise and retaining walls in Medford from Broadway to Winthrop Street including College Avenue Station that was cancelled last week due to the weather has been rescheduled as follows: Monday, February 24, 6:00-8:00pm, St. Clement School, 579 Boston Avenue, Medford.

View the entire GLX Meeting Blog post.


MBTA Government Center Station Closes March 22

The MBTA Government Center Station will be closed beginning on Saturday, March 22, 2014, for two years while crews upgrade the station into a fully accessible, safer, modern, more comfortable facility. The station will reopen in spring 2016.

The Government Center Station Improvements Project will combine improvements to the Green Line Station, Blue Line Station, and Cambridge Street/Government Center Plaza that will bring the station into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Green and Blue Line Station improvements will include a new head house structure as the primary entrance, raised platforms to provide accessible boarding of the Green Line trains, new elevators from the street to the Green Line level as well as from the Green Line level to the Blue Line level, new escalators, expanded fare collection area, and other mechanical, security, lighting and interior improvements. The project will also include reconstruction of Cambridge Street and a portion of City Hall Plaza in the vicinity of the Station to provide accessible paths of travel to the station.

During the station closure beginning on March 22, both Blue and Green Line trains will pass through Government Center Station but will not stop there. If your trip usually included Government Center Station, please allow an additional ten to fifteen minutes for your travel.

The recommended path of travel for Green Line customers desiring access to the Blue Line is to travel to Haymarket Station and transfer to the Orange Line toward Forest Hills (southbound). Customers should transfer to the Orange Line at State Street Station for Blue Line connections. The recommended path of travel for Blue Line customers desiring access to the Green Line is to travel to State Street and transfer to the Orange Line toward Oak Grove (northbound). Customers should then transfer at Haymarket Station for Green Line connections.

To learn more about the project including walking directions to other stations and follow the project during construction, please visit the project website:

Winter Driving Skills Reminder

MassDOT snow and ice crews responded to the latest storm this week with more than 4,000 pieces of equipment available to treat and clear state roads. MassDOT reminds drivers to review our winter driving tips

Use the brake and gas pedal lightly when driving in icy conditions and watch for bridges, which freeze before roadways. Do not use cruise control in icy conditions. Clear frost from windows and mirrors.

In wintry weather, motorists should drive with headlights on, observe posted speed limits, never drink and drive, and make sure everyone is using a seatbelt.

Plows will typically travel under 35 miles per hour and there is always a temptation to pass them. For your safety, it is recommended that you stay a safe distance behind the snowplows.

South Station Romance Stories: Happy Valentine’s Day

Photo: Today, Nick and Dinah live in Jamaica Plain with their two young sons.

Last month, MassDOT invited readers to share stories of romances that bloomed and grew at Boston South Station. As it turns out, Cupid does strike on the train and bus.

This week, MassDOT posted on the Transportation blog four of these stories, including the story below. Thank you to everyone who participated, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Although Dinah Shepherd and Nick Thompson had discussed marriage several times while dating, Nick was determined that the actual proposal would come as a total surprise to Dinah. It was Valentine’s Day 2002, and Dinah was about to board a bus to Philadelphia to visit college friends.

Nick left work early and met Dinah at South Station to see her off. As they waited for the bus to board at Gate 3, Nick offered Dinah a breath mint. Slightly offended at such a sendoff, Dinah rebuffed the offer.

But Nick persisted, insisting she really needed a mint. Finally, Dinah relented and opened the box, only to find an engagement ring. Totally unsuspecting, she “freaked out a little bit, said yes, and got on the bus.” Confined on a five-hour bus ride in the pre-cell phone era, Dinah exuberantly shared her story with strangers and “wrote down how excited I was on the back of a paper bag because I had nothing else to write on.”

Excusing what some might consider an insult as a way to propose, Nick said he “needed a moment that would have some romance to it when she absolutely would not see it coming, and that is where South Station fit perfectly.”

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